Numerology and the Mystery of Destiny Numbers

In Numerology, Destiny Number is the sum total of one's date of birth and therefore unique for every person. It makes the individual aware of his personal interest, his unique capabilities, attitudes and talents leading him into the purpose of one's existence on earth. It is commonly called the 'lucky number'. It is calculated by adding all the numerals in one's birth date and bring it down to one digit. For e.g., a birth date of 2/09/1976 will give the destiny number of 7 (2+9+1+9+7+6= 34= 7). It is also calculated by replacing birth full name alphabets with corresponding numerals e.g. A=1, D=4.
How can Astrology be of use to me?
Astrology can be a valuable tool in helping you understand yourself better, and it can give you a clearer idea of your life path and potential. Most people are familiar with names of the twelve Sun Signs used in western astrology, and often know something about the characteristics associated with their own Sign. An Aries may be enthusiastic but impatient, a Taurus practical yet stubborn, a Libran artistic but indecisive and so on. You can read more about this further on, but remember - there is much more to astrology than Sun Signs!

The astrological mode of thinking
many people read their horoscope every day. Bookshops contain astrology books. Do readers think there is something in it? To hope it will reveal the future is against common sense, for man has to form his future himself. Instead, astrology is a scientific mode of thinking, which is just one mode among many.
For example, for economists there is a "marketing mode", for sociologists there are "social modes", and for psychologists there are "behavior modes". But scientists cannot accept the "mode of thinking" of astrology because it does not fit their own "modes of thinking" that are characterized by technique and rationalization. Nevertheless it meets the conditions of scientific thinking, that is, it is logical, testable, and open to checking by anybody.

Astrology brings new opinions on life
Very often the question remains: Why am I like this? Why do I have to experience this? And so on. The other human sciences bring all sorts of explanations, such as home conditions, relationships, school, special events, and they are often correct. But this is not helpful. A person cannot be satisfied by stating reasons. He wants to be superior to his life-plan, wants to change it and submit to it. He wants to decide for himself when there should be day and night.
It is here that astrology brings a new opinion on his life. He is forced to recognize his weakness, to give up apparently safe positions. He then learns how life means receiving and accepting, and how this can lead to new activities and a satisfying life. Thus, astrology is a school of life plans. It shows the kind of seed that is sewn into a man's life.
A youth enters a store and asked the wise old man behind the counter "What do you sell?". The wise man replies "All you want". The youth says "I would like world peace, no poverty, no unemployment, equal rights for all, and...". But the wise man interrupts him "You got me wrong. We don't sell fruit here, only seeds."
Similarly with astrology. A lady asks "I have shares in a company, shall I take charge and manage it myself?" Astrology shows she is given direction and aims by others, who use their power against her. So no, she is not suited to managing a company. But she becomes the managing director anyway, and three years later the company becomes insolvent. This is a case from an astrological practice in Freiburg.
Often professional qualifications, proved by examinations, are not enough for achieving a leading post. Human qualities are also needed. Astrology can help here to make objective decisions, objective because the person cannot manipulate the message of his birth chart, nor does it depend on the astrologer with his likes and dislikes; the chart can be proved mathematically, and also shows the prospects of success.

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